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30. mars, 2017

Today is the last step. This morning, Cath, Papa and Yoda crossed the starting line for the last time

The distances will be shorter but the landscape will be more variable, alternating between wide plains, steep valleys and stretches of treacherous driving.


29. mars, 2017

The Gazelles spent the night in the sand: a lovely evening guaranteed!

Today, Papa, Cath & Yoda will have to cross the erg, a relatively difficult task.
Then, the route will take them across IRIKI Lake, a dried lake bed without a drop of water, just km after km of smooth flat terrain where mirages are common and the mountains in the distance appear to rise directly out of an immense watery plain.

A beautiful landscape is waiting for them...


28. mars, 2017

After a short night, it is time to start again!
Today is the departure of the second marathon leg.

The wind will be the enemy for the next two days.
Navigation in this area is not easy to begin with, and when the weather doesn’t cooperate, things become that much more complicated.
Seamless teamwork will be required !

27. mars, 2017

Yesterday, our Gazelles started the first marathon leg: more than 335 kilometres in complete autonomy, with no mechanical assistance in the evening, no refuelling, a makeshift camp and 13 CPs to reach over the course of two days.

After a first day spent in a rugged terrain of harsh rocky hills and valleys our Gazelles will now cross the sandy plains of Hassi Bou Haiara.

22. mars, 2017

It is the start of the 27th Rallye Aïcha des Gazelle du Maroc!

Yoda is ready to transport Papa & Cath through the Moroccan desert.
Today will be the first experience in the desert and the fisrt night at the bivouac for our beautiful Gazelles!

Let's hope it will be a beautiful start for the Reddear team!