Registered non-profit organization Coeur de Gazelles

Coeur de Gazelles was created in 2001 alongside the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles to provide aid for the people of Southern Morocco. Coeur de Gazelles is committed to human values.

We are the LHC Reddear Gazelles: the "Heart of Gazelles" beat within us!


Coeur de Gazelles in numbers:


  • Since its creation, 73960 people have received free medical consultations: general medicine, paediatrics, gynaecology, ophthalmology and more
  • Since 2013, 2012 dental procedures have been performed
  • 296 volunteer doctors have contributed their time and expertise
  • 2993 pairs of corrective glasses have been given
  • 3 births (one of the babies was named Aïcha)
  • 9 tons of medical materials have been donated to Moroccan hospitals
  • 300 wheelchairs have been distributed


  • Construction of a school in Tamsguidat (16 students)
  • Renovation of 4 schools: Merzouga, Hassi-Labiad, El Begga and, soon, Koudit Draoua


  • 10136 Children and 4200 adults have attended workshops on the environment and the eradication of the ubiquitous "Mika Kahla" plastic bag, a major source of pollution in Morocco
  • 17 wells have been dug in 3 years, providing access to clean water fo 2000 Nomads


  • Literacy classes for women
  • Creation of the first social employment agency in Essaouira (jobs found for 15 women) a a new project A restaurant is opened


Since 2001, 57322 people have received donations collected by Gazelles


Since 2012, all proceeds from the sales of certain items in the Coeur de Gazelles boutique are given to the Alpes Maritimes League against Cancer to help finance "La Passerelle" in Nice, a centre for cancer patients that provides workshops including yoga, gymnastics, theatre and more.


After loosing their daughter Camille in the terrorist attack of April 28, 2011 in Marrakech, a family from Northern France wanted to do something in honour of her memory. Camille's love of Morocco led the family to finance the building of a house for a poor family with 7 children. The house was built 2 years ago and presented to the family, fully furnished and decorated: a true gesture of solidarity! The children now attend the Coeur de Gazelles school and the eldest son works at the bivouac during the Rallye. The entire family is in good health.


Every day during the Rallye the "donations unit", made up of 6 volunteers, pays a visit to Nomad villages and Berber settlements near the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles bivouac. These families are often the ones with the greatest need. Warm clothing, shoes and toys are handed out, and the team is always welcomed with great humility.